Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 80

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, aaargh!
My friends and I were going to go see Peter And The Starcatcher for free today by waiting to be the first 100 people with mustaches but we decided against it :/
I still wore my mustache with pride tho!

And for bonuses, here's two extra pics from today!

Day 79

So I got "married" over the weekend, and my "husband" finally gave me my Wedding Ring!
Knitted not by him, but by a friend, and it's a flower made up of my two favorite colors :D
He has a matching band one (not pictured, sorryyyy)
Day 78

So I brought this to class today to show my friend, and it's distracting me by looking at my through my legs XD


(Ps i got new Converse! woo!)
Day 77

Katie is a little obsessed with Supernatural now.
I just watched the Season 2 premiere episode and as you can tell by my rant to the Dean to my Sam, I didn't take it too well.
Day 76

Back to Stockton, heading to Stockata (my acapella group) at night so Lake Fred is real pretty <3
Day 75

I went to a Flogging Molly concert with Meg!
We were X-ed cuz we were both minors :/ No drinking for uss, darn XD lol jk
Anyway, they had to use damn Sharpie so this probably will not be removing itself from my hand for a long time XD
Day 74

First day of theatre club!
Ray made a boat out of two chairs and refused to leave, so Katie joined him, and then they sailed off together XD lol
And those are two new members in the background! :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 73
My friend gave me her Zombie Hunter bracelet, so now my bracelets, when lined up, read "Sherlock Holmes: Zombie Hunter" XD heeehee
Day 72
I had a buddy to keep me company watching Supernatural today :D It's Amys!
Day 71
Auditions and callbacks were today (and tomorrow). I got called back for Pernelle in Tartuffe, which you can see here, and two other parts that they added after I went in already. And, guess what? I GOT THIS PART! Woo!!!!
Day 70
So we like to stay up late...and when we do, Megan gets a little loopy. Here she is balancing on the top of our couch at 2 in the morning. XD heehee
Day 69
Went to see the Avengers at our school's movie night (we left halfway through cuz it was freezing but still) wearing my Cap'n America shirt and as me and my roomie (the blonde) went to take a pic, someone random behind us photobombed. It. Is. Amazing. XD
Day 68
...and not matching nail colors.
I dig it.
Day 67
Emily visited. She enjoys our closet space.
Day 66
Last big paycheck of the summer arrived! Huzzah money!
Day 65

So there's a lot wrong with our apartment right now, and we made a list of everything that is. This is how I described our lack of hot water for the shower. XD
Day 64

Last blueclaws game, with a creepy blood moon rising! It was huuuuge, tho you can't tell here. I liked it a lot, it was eerie.
Day 63
Moved in to college! Theatre Club's "Whose Line is it Anyway" show is tonight, this is my suggestion for a one-liner to say during the one liners game ;D
Day 62

New glasses and new hair! A new me! Woop woop!

I moved into college like two days after getting my hair cut so here's a spam of all of the pics from then on!