Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 80

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, aaargh!
My friends and I were going to go see Peter And The Starcatcher for free today by waiting to be the first 100 people with mustaches but we decided against it :/
I still wore my mustache with pride tho!

And for bonuses, here's two extra pics from today!

Day 79

So I got "married" over the weekend, and my "husband" finally gave me my Wedding Ring!
Knitted not by him, but by a friend, and it's a flower made up of my two favorite colors :D
He has a matching band one (not pictured, sorryyyy)
Day 78

So I brought this to class today to show my friend, and it's distracting me by looking at my through my legs XD


(Ps i got new Converse! woo!)
Day 77

Katie is a little obsessed with Supernatural now.
I just watched the Season 2 premiere episode and as you can tell by my rant to the Dean to my Sam, I didn't take it too well.
Day 76

Back to Stockton, heading to Stockata (my acapella group) at night so Lake Fred is real pretty <3
Day 75

I went to a Flogging Molly concert with Meg!
We were X-ed cuz we were both minors :/ No drinking for uss, darn XD lol jk
Anyway, they had to use damn Sharpie so this probably will not be removing itself from my hand for a long time XD
Day 74

First day of theatre club!
Ray made a boat out of two chairs and refused to leave, so Katie joined him, and then they sailed off together XD lol
And those are two new members in the background! :D